Rule #1
“The W Rule”
In addition to putting the W sticker on your car, use it your speech
on = ow-n
old = owd (long O)
told = towd
over = owvah
Drop your L’s whenever possible (see above)
Rule #2
when you referring to someone casually in third person,ย you should preface their name with ‘old’. As in,
“Old Arnold over there, he likes chickens”
SOUNDS LIKE: Owd Arnowd oh-verย there, he likes chickuns
Rule #3
Things have gender
“This dude right here ain’t working”ย  referring to an object of some sort
That ‘son bitch’ is better if the thing is really troublesome
“This son bitch needs rebooting”
Rule #4
Speaking takes time: prolong every word

Rule #5
“We ain’t got” is preferable to “We don’t have”
Rule #6
Political Correctness is something for them yankees.In other words, it’s okayย point out differences between co-workers.
“Venkat, that ol’ hindu, you know, that sum bitch
Rule #7
The city to the East is pronounced “Nahx-Vul” — get an “Ahhh” sound in Knox and an “Uhl” sound in Ville.