Back in the golden age of dotcom madness, Scott Swanson and I were co-workers in the emerging web department at Children’s Television Workshop (CTW). His desk, directly across from my cube, was a paper-shrewn disaster zone which suited its grumpy owner just fine. He was the Unix admin after all. But he was a good friend too. In tribute to Scott’s memory, I found a couple photos from back then which I scanned today.

The first is of our Celebrity Sightings White Board. Lincoln Center was crawling with mid-level stars. We kept a tally of it all. Scott was “Swansong” (I’m “Greenhaze”). These were IM handles or Unix login names, or something. Click to view it full size.

The Celebrity Watch Board
The Celebrity Watch Board

And here’s the web team, circa 1999. I took the picture so I’m not in it. Scott is the guy seated on the left. Developers 1999 Developers 1999

RIP friend.