I enjoyed the hosts. I did not enjoy the opening number. Couldn’t they get a real singer for this sort of thing?

The John Hughes tribute was interesting. So weird to see the brat-pack, weary and weathered…. I once walked past Ally Sheedy in the Upper West Side. We made eye contact, she sneered back. Whatever. She made a fantastic comeback in the late 90’s indie classic “High Art”.

Act Two of the awards can be titled “The Big Wait”. Two hours of forgettable award fodder — costumes, make-up, and all that editing stuff. Yawn.

The Horror film tribute made a factual error. They claimed the last one to win an award was The Exorcist (1972), yet their montage showed Jaws (Best Picture 1975) and Silence of the Lambs (Best Picture 1991).

Dance number? Cut!

Best score for “Up”. I concur.

Bullock winning over Streep. I shake my head. Confusing. Bullock also won a Razzie for “All About Steve”. That’s a first, dual Oscar/Razzie. Would have been funnier had it been for the same film. The prestige of this award continues to degrade.

I’m pleased that “The Hurt Locker” brought it home, repeatedly. As for Avatar, any movie (3-D or otherwise) with lines like “That’s right, bitch. Run home to mama.” gets a FAIL. Even if it did invent a language for the natives. The blue natives.

Meanwhile, The Hurt Locker folks are getting sued by an Army bomb disposal expert who claims the movie was based on his career.