I’m getting the sense that old rockers don’t really dig this whole digital music revolution thing. Today Pink Floyd won a lawsuit against the beleaguered British label EMI. Their complaint was simple: stop selling individual tracks from their classic LPs since, as they claim, doing so ruins the integrity of the larger work (they had a contract stipulation which prohibited the “unbundling” of their material). This means you can no longer buy dollar digital versions of “Money,” “Comfortably Numb,” “Us and Them,” etc. It’s Dark Side of the Moon (and all the rest) or nothing. One Album, One Download! Shaving your eyebrows, optional.

Of course the owner of said music will not be forced to listen to them as such (Shuffle Play, hello?).

They needn’t worry too much about lost revenues. Floyd’s legendary catalog is the strongest in the ’70s classic rock genre, and second only to the Beatles overall.

Now you’ll excuse me, I need to go watch The Wizard of Oz with a certain remixed soundtrack.

Details on the ruling