Vic Juris/Marc Copland “Double Play”

5am — Tonight’s cure-for-insomnia set went as follows…

First, my favorite duo disc, Double Play, featuring the ridiculously talented pianist Marc Copland and his equally matched colleague Vic Juris. These guys have a wonderful affinity for one another — their playing is expressive, unpredictable and exquisitely detailed. But because I was hypnotized and listening to every note, it earns a FAIL as sleepy time music.

Jaleel Shaw, Optimisim

I continued with Jaleel Shaw’s Optimism. This is a newer release that features a band of  youngsters darting through dense melodies and counter-rhythms, but swinging just the same. Special guest Robert Glapser adds star power.

That I’m still up at the end of my playlist is testament to its complete failure as a soporific — I just wasn’t in the mood for Eno tonight. Yet, it’s a failure I enjoyed immensely.