I was playing a game of “name that tune” with Steph today. I started with the 1972 classic by The Spinners “I’ll Be Around”. She immediately began singing “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac. And what do you know? They’re essentially the same song! Here’s why…

1) Chord structure in both is identical (apart from the key difference of a 1/2 step, which could be an artifact of tape speeds):

Spinners: Emaj7 | F#6 (repeated through the entire tune)
Fleetwood: Fmaj7 | G6 (repeated through the entire tune)

2) Beats per minute: 110 vs 120 (Fleetwood is faster) with a straight backbeat that emphasizes the upbeats of 3 and 4 on both tunes.

3) Both melodies move around a pentatonic scale built on the V chord: F#, G#, B, C#, D# (in the Spinners key). This also outlines the sonority of the second chord (F#6). Technically, by copyright standards, they are different, but your ear you should tell you otherwise.

4) Final bit of evidence — someone on a forum mentioned that in a recent interview, Nicks admitted it. Still looking for that article…