Last post in this three part series.

Yesterday Maciej returned for the final adjustments, mainly voicing tweaks. In particular, there were a few notes that sounded a bit brassy-er than the others. He remedied this by “needling” the offending hammers (shown below), a quick stabbing motion with a sharp tool to reduce the sharpness of the strike. The worry, of course, is taking it too far. Butย luckilyย that didn’t happen.

Needling the Hammers

I have a greatly overhauled piano now. Maciej is the best! Not only is he a great technician/tuner, he’s also a virtuosic pianist. He tests his work by playing various passages (usually Chopin). It’s a joy to watch/hear. If you’re in the Houston area, this is THE guy to call.

Contact Info: Maciejย Borgiel (713) 825-7684

Meanwhile, I’m now resolved to complete the Etude #3 in E major. Here’s the section I’ve been memorizing this week. The hardest part is keeping the arms relaxed. I can still hear my last teacher, the great Bari Mort, yelling “elbows out!!”

Chopin Etude