occasionally frequently develop transient obsessions. A few weeks ago I decided to spend a day avoiding my own reflection. This is a difficult task. It means walking head down into the bathroom, closing your eyes as you pass wall-sized mirrors. It means turning your eyes quickly from darkened glass and reflective eating utensils. You can’t imagine how many things effectively reflect an image until you try to avoid such items.

While exiting my car a few hours into this challenge, I instinctively glanced at the vehicle’s tinted windows. Eye contact! I let out a slight yelp, quickly turning away as if I had seen Medusa herself. Did this count? I blew it a few more times before the day ended. Like I said, it’s a hard endeavor and not a particularly rewarding one either, especially, I would imagine, for those with hair and sloppy eating habits.

Day two began with high hopes of repeating this game, to perfect it, but upon casually looking up at the mirror with a mouthful of toothpaste I realized the gig was up. I stared at myself for a long moment, then began shaving. Or some such activity I had skipped the day before.


Last week I met friends at a late night eatery after the year’s strangest musical engagement — playing for swing dancers at a chocolate confectionary in the Rice Village. They (my friends) were abuzz from seeing Michael Pollan speak. Pollan, best known for his book “The Omnivore’s Dilemma”, is the great anti-sugar crusader, a prophet of good nutrition, a naysayer to the packaged food industry. They gave me a ten minute summation which included phrases like “most health food is a scam” and “do you ever check the sugar content of these so-called healthy items?

Steph and I have since become obsessed with reading the sugar contents on packages. It’s a new game, particularly at grocery stores, the two of us yelling out numbers like “40!” and “28!” I’ve been increasingly anti-sugar in general, but only in a vague “I should consume less sugar” sort of way. Now I have data. A sugar pack is about 5g. That protein drink I was downing post-workout? 38g of sugar!! By comparison, a 12oz can of coke has 39g. Those yummy Greek yogurts? 20g. The “all-natural” cereal? 18g.

It’s a conspiracy to kill and mame.

Your enemy:


(which sort of looks like Medussa’s hair)