We’re at 9° latitude and our hotel bathroom is literally outdoors. I’m not exaggerating. Open the bathroom door and blam-o: a private(ish) outdoor enclave. The shower floor is a bed of rocks with an adjacent toilet and sink. It’s not a horrible thing, I suppose. The fixtures are nice. It’s tropical. But damn. We’re going to be doing our business outdoors.

Kerala is a bit deceiving. The amount of trash on the shore is outrageous. The Chinese Nets are captivating, but they’re among blue tarps and stray dogs (what IS it with stray dogs in India??). Children climb dirty beach rocks. Arabic men hustle silk goods (i.e., we bought three pieces). There are old men splayed on benches passing out long stares. The smell of fish and orange oil permeate your senses. It’s a strange world here in south India…

Time for dinner and more exploring.