“I don’t fly coach, I coach folks on flyness” – ‘Brb’

I’m head bobbing to beats from LA. Hip-hop artist Dumbfounded may not be mainstream, but he’s HUGE among Korean-Americans. Check out the 1M+ views on his YouTube videos or the photos of packed shows in LA. He may every bit as good as the rest of today’s US stars. He’s an underground legend.

“Never reach six digits in my bank account,
credit score red, same color that I paint the town.
Three month relationship, tells me she can’t wait around.
You can break me down as long
as my fans take this sound”Β – ‘Cool and Calm’

Most of the tracks brag about crushing the hearts of women, smoking weed, and other essentials of Hip-Hop. But thatΒ hubris disappears briefly on Are We There Yet?, a tribute to the struggle his immigrant mother endured.Β The song has heart.

If this song was a beard, it would be a cool beard. —bigballer382, YouTube comment

Spotify:Β Dumbfoundead – Dfd