A playlist for Monday. It’s moody. Like your sister.

We start with piano minimalism from Hans Otte’s work Book of Hours. It’s short, get through it. What follows is very different.

The band Atoms For Peace, you may notice, sounds just like Radiohead. That’s because it’s Thom Yorke’s new band (featuring Flea and other hipsters). Name and personnel notwithstanding, it’s really just a Radiohead song.

Apparat (shown above) is the mix’s electronica-turns-EPIC moment.

Tricky, because he hugged me once and because I love him for Trip-Hop.

Baba Zumbi brings the first of two Hip-Hop tracks. It’s an herbal-influenced journey through a garden of Gods. I love Gods. Everybody should have one.

Amadou & Mariam are from Mali and they’re amazing.

Miike Snow (with two i’s) adds happy indie electro-pop.

“Black Tables” was featured on a number of TV shows a few years ago, sought after for its folksy melancholy. But I found it via pianist Eric Reed who did a cover of it on his latest project. I thought, Why is this hardcore be-bop dude playing this simple little ballad? It turns out the original beats the jazzy cover. Get your tears on.

The track by Michael Kiwunaka, a youngster from London, is Otis Redding reborn. What is it with all these kick-ass young British soul singers?

Empire of the Sun is a band named after that movie and despite a cornball album cover, they make good music. Oh, and they’re playing in Austin tonight having skipped Houston entirely. #Bastards.

Mos Def does Math, the mix’s second Hip-Hop moment. Listen to his beat-dragging mastery.

Gotye finds the Easy Way Out — great song.

The playlist ends with two consecutive tracks from the compilation album Introducing Type. Don’t mess with perfection, these two are Ying and Yang.

Track Name :: Artist

Book of Hours :: Hans Otte
Default :: Atoms for Peace
Ash/Black Veil :: Apparat
I Be The Prophet :: Tricky
Black Tables :: Other Lives
Dreamin’ :: Baba Zumbi
M’bife :: Amadou & Mariam
Animal :: Miike Snow
Bones :: Michael Kiwanuka
Walking On A Dream :: Empire of the Sun
Mathematics :: Mos Def
Easy Way Out :: Gotye
Blue Signal :: Sanso-xtro
Misery :: Skallander

A Monday in September