The Fainting Goat Podcast

In 2004, my wife and I opened a music cafe in the middle of cattle country Texas. Friends worried we had lost our minds and perhaps we had. But the cafe, which we named The Fainting Goat in the tradition of British pubs (unfortunate incident + livestock), turned out to be a success. Apart from a few who deemed us carpetbaggers, locals consistently supported us and in our own strange way, we became a destination of sorts.

One of the many original aspects of this little cafe/bar (and I do mean little!) was its live music series. We invited bands from all over the country to give concerts and in return, we’d record them and post the tracks on an iTunes podcast feed. We’d often put them for the night and give them an open tab at the bar too.

The Fainting Goat

The cafe had its downsides though. The endless cycle of labor, the daily drive to and from Houston to pick up supplies, the hours, etc. We threw in the towel two years later. When we did, the website was taken down, as was the podcast link.

A few days ago, Lex Valk, a bassist friend of mine, died after a long illness. Lex had been a regular performer at the Goat. This morning I went searching for any recordings I made with him during this period. I ended up finding the entire long-lost podcast folder (on an old hard drive in the closet no less!). Steph and I sat down to listen to those tracks over coffee. It was a proud moment for both of us. Bands from NYC, from Austin, and most of all, Houston. My friends in the jazz community were incredibly supportive throughout our run, for which we’re both immensely thankful.

In this pile of recordings, I did manage to find several sets with Lex. One in a trio with me and drummer Gordon Garcia and another with the great jazz guitarist Clayton Dyess. In his honor and in honor of all the great artists who appeared there, I’ve reposted this fabulous collection of music. Please enjoy!

Listen here: The Fainting Goat Podcast

Bands: No Strings Attached (Bluegrass, Texas), Lanky (Pop, NYC), Miwa Gemini (Pop, NYC), Aric Carroll (Pop, NYC), Cameron Dezen (Pop, Texas), Lex Valk (Jazz, Texas), Clayton Dyess (Jazz/Blues, Texas), Kelly Dean (Jazz/Vocal, Texas), Woody Witt (Jazz, Texas), Erich Avinger (Jazz, Texas), Dana Rogers (Jazz/Vocal, Texas), Anybody’s Ghost (Folk, Texas).