Whenever I take a photo that seems to capture an interesting aspect of Houston, I tag it #htown. I prefer the city’s quirks to its stereotypes too. So, no NASA rockets or Astrodome here (though I’m sure both make for great photographs).

I should note that I’m not a native Houstonian, I moved here a week before starting high school (which is to say, a very long time ago). Having grown up in the serene suburbs of Lexington, Kentucky, the town was hard to process at first. The heat, humidity, the sprawl. Cockroaches. It grew on me though. I like to say that Houston may not be beautiful, but it’s family. As such, this is the first iteration of a family photo album.

These 100 pictures are best viewed on Flickr: Flick H-Town Photos. But you can also view smaller versions of them inline below.

Bun B